Strength Training for Cyclists

Test Class Activity with Bridie Darcy
12:30 pm - 1:15 pm
September 20, 2017
Bridie Darcy

Strength and Core Training for Cyclist and Option of Nutrition for performance and recovery

Have you been inspired by Chris Froome’s Bronze medal in the mens time trial, would you like to improve your cycling performance, along with building cardiovascular fitness it is important to include specific strength, core and correct nutrition to improve performance

Training the specific muscle used in specific exercise that resemble the motion of cycling can increase power and can lower heart rate and oxygen consumption

Strength training can improve power output in a sprint finish

Strength and core training can help prevent injuries and improve posture and position on the bike

Strength training will be a combination of upper and lower body exercises, and work on phases such as muscular endurance and muscular strength depending on the phase of cycling training

The programs will be individual and specific to the individual and their goals

The programs can include nutrition plans which would be specific to the individual with a breakdown of calories and macronutrients- Protein Carbohydrates for optimum performance and recovery from sessions

To find out more about how specific strength training and correct nutrition can be vital for optimum performance book a initial consultation which will include health check, posture assessment to assess for any muscle weaknesses, tightness and imbalances. Current training and Nutrition and goals. This will provide the base to write a specific training plan.

Below is a Testimonial from Alan Green who is a cyclist and ride long rides of 80-100 plus miles along with shorter ones and watt bike training


As we reach the penultimate week of our 10 week plan I would like to sincerely thank you for your wonderful help and support. When we met 9 weeks ago I was seeking help and advice to ensure that I was eating correctly in order to ensure that I optimised the performance for my cycling hobby.

You have gone above and beyond all expectations! I have lost weight, lost body fat and made huge improvements with my cycling. I have completely changed my eating regime . I now eat much better and understand the nutritional benefits of the different food groups. I now vary my diet based on expected activity levels and this has helped massively.

My dietary changes have filtered through to the family and smoothies are now part the standard breakfast menu. My family have never consumed so much fruit, veg or nuts before! Now we enjoy daily

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"After giving birth to my little girl I was keen to get my pre pregnancy figure back and lose the extra baby weight. My little girl is now 6 months old and I am only 2kg off my pre pregnancy weight! Do not think I would have done it on my own."