Summer Fitness

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September 20, 2017
Bridie Darcy

Summer Holiday Fitness

You have spent months preparing for your holiday training hard and eating well, you now have the love of training and have noticed how good you feel eating nutritious food, or perhaps you are a person that trains everyday for a competitive sport such as running, triathlon, strength or aesthetics sports or you enjoying training everyday.

Now the holiday you have been waiting for all year and if you are anything like me there will be that little question in your head when can I train, will there be somewhere I can train, can I fit it in and keep the family happy and what will the food be like?

Many of you will have chosen a destination where there is a gym, cycle hire nearby and somewhere to run and will of checked the food in the hotel or you have opted for self- catering to ensure you can have the food you want. For some of you it maybe that you have started on the fitness journey to prepare you for the holiday and love the training and eating and want to maintain what you have achieved whilst you are on holiday.

There are ways that you can incorporate exercise into the holiday and keep nutrition healthy but also allow yourself treats and enjoy the holiday

Here are some tips on how to exercise on holiday and eat well

Exercise Tips- These are tips and it is advised that you do not take up any new exercise without the advice of your GP

1 If your flight or travel time allows exercise on your day of travel before you leave

2 Use the gym in the hotel and follow the plan you have been given, use any classes that are available

3 If you are a runner set your alarm to get up and run early before it gets to hot and always ask at reception for the safest place to run, if you haven’t gone with other runners it also means you can get your run done without it encrouching on the day. If you do long distance running you may want to split  one run in to 2 and do one in the morning and then one in the evening when it gets cooler. This worked well for me last year

4 Hire some bikes and get the whole family involved my partner and myself as well as  hiring bicycles few days of our holiday one day we hired a chitty chitty bang bang style car bike which was great fun and with seats in the back if you had children they would love it

6 Go for daily walks and plan some excursions to see the sights which would involve walking

7 Play with the children with football, catch, Frisbee and in the pool

8 If you are someone that competes you could see if there is a race you could enter whilst you are away I have done this a few times and one I really remember was in Cornwall and there was a carnival after

9 In between sunbathing do some lengths of the pool (if you can swim)

10 Take a resistance band with you and do a workout in your hotel room

Tips For Eating Well on Holiday

The temptation can be quite high to overindulge on holiday and to consume more calories than you realise especially if you are all inclusive, even with the children off school and day trips out can lead to hidden calories and the additional treat

The most important part is to enjoy your holiday and allow yourself a treat and as much as you can stick to the 80%-20% rule which is 80% of the time think about what you are eating and 20% allow a treat

Here are some tips to help

1 Think about the portions you eat at home and stick to these sizes

2 Aim for each meal to have some lean protein, carbohydrates and fats your plate should look colourful

3 Try to avoid the salads covered in mayonnaise

4 At breakfast try to avoid the pastries and allow them once or twice during the holiday

5 Avoid having a full English Breakfast everyday but eggs boiled/scrambled/poached daily with vegetables or wholemeal toast are good

6 If you are all inclusive have a light lunch similar to what you would at home don’t go for 3 course lunch and dinner

7 With ice creams these can be full of fats and sugars go for fruit based ice lollys

8 Keep Hydrated with water

9 Alcohol can be the big hidden calorie consumed as it a liquid we often don’t think about the calorie content of these cocktails can seem very refreshing but all to often full of sugar and very high in calories

10 Drink soft drinks such as water in between an alcoholic drink

11 If you are going on day trips out in this country take a picnic with you full of nutritious snacks to avoid buying food and not been able to get something healthy

12 If you are going to the seaside for the day and want the traditional fish and chips allow this as your treat for the week

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